Serenades Choral – Spain 2017-2018

Serenades Choral – Spain 2017-2018

Conducting a wonderful group of singers in Soria, Spain

The Serenades Choral 2017-2018 program ventured into the province of Soria in northern Spain. This unique, comprehensive, artistic, program gave participants the opportunity to savor what the local region offered culturally-be it exquisite art, architecture, and history.

David Hayes has been the program’s guest conductor since summer 2016 in Umbria, Italy.

David Hayes in Soria Spain
Just before a performance.

Relaxing during Serenades Choral 2017 at Calatañazor, Castile & León, Spain.

Image of David Hayes in Spain
The street of the ‘Good Conductor’

Calatañazor, Spain 2018

Great rehearsal Soria, Spain 2018


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